Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Its Still A December to Remember

I know I have said I don't make a big deal of my birthdays anymore.  And I don't in the real world, but in my sewing world, I need every and any excuse to sew, so a birthday is as good as any reason to sew more things! :-)  Having said that, I decided I needed to make my collection for my birthday.  I didn't finish all the items by my self-imposed deadline, but as previous posts indicate, I did finish the other items.  The final piece was my houndstooth coat. In the midst of all of this, I made a shirt for my daughter, stopped for Thanksgiving and this past weekend attended a sorority event in Atlanta. 

My daughter's mother in law to be is a member of the same sorority I'm in and they were hosting their annual Christmas Gala.  I, of course could not pass up an opportunity to dress up (which of course means make something new to wear!).  This was probably the easiest "formal" dress I have ever made and I loved the final result.  I actually purchased this pattern at least two years ago and intended to make it and wear to an annual function.  But, time ran out and I just wore something I had in my closet that I had ordered and never worn.  The fabric was all cut out and I just put it in a bag and there it sat for two years!  So, I decided this was the time to put it together.  I'm certain this pattern is out of print by now.
 It's Butterick 5418. I really wanted an emerald green fabric similar to the one on the pattern but I didn't find it.  So I selected a dark blue rather than the traditional black.  Of course, it photographs black. 

 The Dress came together incredibly fast and easy.  That's always a good sign.  It was comfortable and a bit sexy.  All the things I think you covet in a formal wear dress. I do plan to make this dress again in red (of course my favorite color) or emerald green if I ever find such a color in the right fabric.  And here are the shoes and this darling little back that I found on a whim.


And since my daughter was supposed to be an equal contributor to this blog (looking and waiting!), here is a photo of the two of us at the Gala this weekend.  She also made her dress! She's a lovely girl.

So here is what the coat looked liked on December 3rd.
 And here is what it looked like on December 10th.  As I mentioned before, last year's birthday was also about Houndstooth - (obsessed a little you think?). So here I am fooling around with the dress and the coat.  My daughter told me no, but I actually like it and after saying so on the PR website someone agreed and suggested wearing them with a pop of color, like (wait for it) RED!  Well, that couldn't be a better idea, as far as I'm concerned.  I might just do it! I LOVE the coat.  I love how it feels and how it looks.  I'm very pleased with the final result.

So, now I'm done with the Birthday collection.  On to other obsessions! My youngest has put in her request for Christmas attire, so I guess that's next up!  I do love that I don't have to visit the mall or any other stores (other than fabric of course) to accomplish my shopping goals. Next item - an organza-like blouse for the younger version!

Monday, December 3, 2012

December to Remember

So, my birthday was great. I didn't have any big or special plans and that was fine.  I have "sets" of friends and a few of them took me out to lunch on three different occasions. See how well that works out?  Had I opted for a party, I would have only had one opportunity to eat and drink! I didn't quite make my sewing goal however.  I still have to make alterations to the gray dress I had planned and I only cut the coat last night!  But I didn't complete the funky top and red leggings (I posted photos already, I think) and here is the blue top from the other inspiration piece I wanted.  I also finished the slacks, but after finding my daughter's boots she accidentally left at my house, I decided I needed to wear this skirt from a Butterick pattern I completed a while back, to give the boots their due.  Unfortunately, I don't think you can even see the boots in this photo, but they are cute - LOL!
This is from Butterick 5678. I used this as the inspiration for my pinterest top.