Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Pussy Bow You Say!

So much has been going on in my world of late.  The daughter I share this blog with is getting married next month!  She lives in Atlanta now, but I hosted a shower for her in Memphis last weekend.  I am SOOOOO proud of her for all that she has accomplished and that she will accomplish.  She is SO much smarter than me and that, as the kids say, gives me life.  I have much to brag about these days because my youngest is graduating from college next month! And though she would roll her eyes if she ever read this, I can brag and say that she just found out she has been selected for an internship at Johns Hopkins this summer!! Yeah for them.  Here we all are at the shower! I made my dress and the youngest )on the right) and the bride made the delightful frock she is sporting(in the black & white)!  So much fun to share such a joyful (though frustrating, at times hobby).  The youngest one does not so, but certainly benefits from her sister and mother's obsessive ways!
Now the week before this event, I was sitting at home thinking about my schedule for the next day. I had already put together, for the most part the youngest one's dress and it was just awaiting her arrival for fit.  SOOO, I had nothing to do (well, you know, nothing I wanted to do) and I felt as if I needed something cute to wear to work the next day.  So, I went adventuring through my pattern stash and this pattern begged my attention.
After this pattern instructed me that it was the one, I started my fabric stash dash.  As you have seen from my many posts, I have been having a love affair with Houndstooth.  It started way back when I saw the Ferragamo Spring Collection and he had this darling wrap dress! And so, I ran across this sheer houndstooth polyester pretending to be charmeuse some time ago.  When I purchased it, I thought it was terrible sheer and see through and would only be good for a scraf to accompany a coat. But, when it popped into my hands last week, I decided, it was the right look.. and I could always make a little tank underneath for modesty!  And so, here is the final product. (And yes, I purchased the houndstooth shoes back when I made the wrap dress!)

The funny thing behind this is that I didn't really think I had enough fabric when I started. The bow pattern piece was so long and it said to cut two.  But I placed them all on the fabric and it just worked out.  I cut the pieces and not until the scissors were down did I notice that the bow was to have been cut on the bias.  Of course I would never have had enough fabric for that, so perhaps thats why I completely ignored that most important detail.  But I was determined to go on.
So, when it was time to join the pieces (and it should have looked like one long piece), I joined mine and it resulted in a perfect "V"!  My goodness.  So, I decided to cut one of the pieces until I could fit them properly.  This of course caused me to loose some length on one of the pieces, but it worked out in the end.  The only other thing I should have done was to make bias fabric facings for the armholes edges.  The pattern actually said to use bias tape, which I did, but it's a bit stiffer than it should be for the fabric.  I think I have some remnants left and might try to do that later.  But, I do like the contrast even now.  The skirt was one that I had previously made in a white denim (that I adore) so this came together incredibly fast. 
This was my work attire Thursday morning after finishing it Wednesday about midnight. (I started about 5:30 Wednesday.)
Now, its time to start working on the mother of the bride dress.  My fabric arrived last week.  Found my inspiration dress so it's off to the races!
Be Sewful!