Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My new love....

Ok this pattern and dress are my new love of the week!! 
Although I love a challenging pattern like the rest of us... :-( THIS one was a breath of fresh air for the ease and the amazing fit! 

CLEARLY, these days I act like I'm in a state of mourning! Everything I've made recently has been black. I went back to "the closet" and noticed that my dress section (yes it's a section) is getting closer everyday to becoming all black! I think I should begin to have a personal mantra to wear it all the time. Maybe I could seem real deep and profound....... 

ok moving back to reality.... 

I gotta stop buying BLACK!! Is there a rehab for too much black fabric?? I digress...... 
So the topic of the evening my WONDERFUL Very Easy Vogue V8825. I once again made this in a wonderful black matte jersey that has a VERY nice hand (oooo I sound like Joanna Coles!!) It's a slightly heavyweight jersey that I figured would work well with the silhouette of the dress. The pattern offers a tunic & pants option, but I opted for the dress. 

Well IF I SAY SO MYSELF it turned out simply FABULOUS and it truly "GAVE ME LIFE" to wear! I got a couple of double takes while wearing it so that confirms it's a KEEPER!! :-) 



  1. No synthetic fabrics here...because we know how the children are!

  2. Your dress is lovely! Congratulations on your engagement. I found your blog via Patternreview. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Cute LBD! Congrats on the Engagement!!

  4. WOW! I love this dress, it's very similar to one that I want to make, just haven't found the fabric yet. I can only hope that mine looks as good on me~ work it!! :)