Monday, December 8, 2014

Golden Girl

I am the proud mother of two girls.  They are AMAZING young women. Both are very smart and beautiful and funny.  I share this blog with one of them (although it would be difficult to tell because she hasn't posted in FOREVER!), as we share a love for creating.  The other one, well, she's smart too!  She doesn't sew, but she has mastered the art of the ask.  She will ask me to create something for her whenever there is an event.  Truthfully, I love it because as us sewists all know, we love a reason and excuse to create.  My daughter's ask is what brought this creation to life.  She loves a band called Mint Condition.  They were having a concert and her boyfriend got tickets and was taking her.  Of course, she needed something show stopping to wear.  One day, while I was minding my own business, working on yet another of my "I-don't-buy-RTW-so-I-need-to-sew-all-the-time outfits, I get this picture from my DD with the requests, "I HAVE to have a dress like this Ma".

This is quite beautiful.  Definitely a showstopping piece.  And a challenge! If you know me, you know I love a challenge.  So, I started the business of looking for the fabric.  In this photo, the fabric looks as if it has some body, maybe a satin or tafetta even.  We looked (and by we, I mean me) but didn't find the right look at the time.  After a while, I talked my daughter and convinced her to go fabric shopping with me.  And then we started looking at patterns.  She decided she liked this pattern. I thought this was a pretty good pattern for the inspiration look.

 My DD picked this fabric.  Honestly, when I first saw it, I thought throw pillows for my sofa!  But she loved it and I was just the creator, so I had to make it work.  Once I started putting it together, I must admit, I thought it was beautiful fabric.  It looked rich and the dress was a little sexy, but very classy.  Unlike so many of the young girls out here and their clothing selections,  I have to admit, my daughter is pretty conservative.  In fact, we tease her all that time that she is the oldest person in the family.  She's a throwback to about 1982.  She was born in 1991.

This wasn't a bad dress.  The challenge of course were the panels and matching seams.  My DD has a fabulous physique, in my opinion because it's pretty easy to sew for her.  With one exception; she has an ample butt and accompanying hips to go with.  Now, that's a benefit for the most part.  But often a challenge in patterns and clothes because they aren't really designed for the Kim Kardashian look.  So, I had to work to make this work.  I made a muslin (something I rarely do for myself) to make sure I made the necessary adjustments.

And here she is! I didn't make a lot of alterations.  In fact, the only real change was lowering the "V" to show a little more (ahem) cleavage.  We tease my DD, because her sister and I are the more "well-endowed" so it's always a chuckle when you mention her name and cleavage in the same sentence.

I thought the dress was beautiful and the girl was amazing.  I'm biased, but I'm right.  LOL.

This event has already happened and the reports back said it was a complete success!  Her boyfriend was blown away and all her friends wanted to know where she scored such a fabulous frock.  That of course makes me smile even more!
She even had women at the venue asking her about the dress!

I think she wore it well!


  1. Very pretty!!!!!! She is wearing that dress!!!!!!! (I have that fabric!!!)

  2. Carol Ware - really! I didn't think much of it at first, but it turned out pretty. So, are you planning to make clothing out of it or was it supposed to sit fashionably fly on your sofa :-)

  3. I agree, this dress is extremely pretty!!!