Monday, June 13, 2016

Gowns for the Gawds!


I have to say, this has been a great adventure.  It was fun creating the various looks for the challenges. It was mind numbing trying to figure out what was best and anticipate what great work the other ladies would submit.  I really wrestled with my submission.  In the end, while I loved what I did and think it was perfectly fine, I thought just before the submission that I should have submitted something different.  Something bolder.  And bold did indeed win.  The winner make a beautifully big gown that was eye catching.  I came in second place but I had a ball.  I started with McCalls 7047 and made a few adjustments.  I altered the neckline and added a split (cause my daughter told me to do it! LOL).  The lace along the bustline and on the train is hand-sewn (as in I sat on the floor all night long and sewed it by hand!!)

The lovely young lady in the middle had the winning gown.  But all the ladies (there were 10 when we started) did a phenonmenal job with each submission!

The submissions of the final three contestants

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