Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Time!!!

I know it's been a minute... 

Shoot me later, but I plan to catch up shortly!! 

The latest project (on a list of about 3,000 items) is a wonderful Halloween costume for my son. Now for the story part! My darling, handsome cutie is now at this age that clearly he thinks he is the coolest thing walking and everyone else is just not as cool as him. So as Halloween approached I asked him if he wanted to dress up and what he would want to be...

That took a week! :-(

Once he decided that he wasn't too cool for Halloween, we set out on the journey of costume discovery. (Which ultimately meant that he would look online for something he wanted!) As he searched on Party City for costumes he found one and brought it over...

What the FIRST thing that I look at... THE PRICE.. 

The costume was $179.99!!! CLEARLY someone at Party City has lost their ULTIMATE mind!! 

What did I say after looking at the picture... "huuummmmmmmm I can make this!" 

So I set out to do just that!! After studying the picture and planning my attack, it was off to JoAnn's!! (Cause I had some AWESOME coupons and was NOT afraid to use them!!!) 

So here is the start....

The inspiration...

And the final product! 

This thing had a shirt, vest with tails, waist belt, hood, some sash thing, pants, leather wrist ties, and boot covers. And MOMMA made them all!! 



Best part about it my husband asked our son, "why is mom making this costume for you?", my son's answer "Because she's AWESOME!" 

yep.... AWESOME! :-) 

Some from one AWESOME mom, 



  1. Very nice!!!! You did a FABulous job!!!!
    He's right you're AWESOME!

  2. You did an awesome job, what an awesome mom!

  3. Yay! Your son is right .... he has an awesome mom! Gorgeous work, love all those details! Your child should be very proud wearing this! Happy week! I am your new follower.

  4. This looks AMAZING! Not only are you an awesome Mom but you are an awesome seamstress!