Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sew Forth & Sew On

Sew, I am finding that sew much of my time is spent sewing for others. The others is very often my daughter, the younger one.  Sew, here I go again.  Her birthda is tomorrow.  She wanted a "fabulous pair of pants" to go with her "fabulous new shoes".  And being the pliable one, I had no choice but to comply.  Actually, she has done this sew many times, that I expect this before each "event" in her life.  And since she will never read this blog, I guess I don't mind sew much! :-)

She found a photo of Rihanna wearing a pair of "cigarette" pants.  Needless to say she had no idea what a cigarette pant was and as she described the pants, I knew eactly what she wanted. Sew, when she returned from her summer internship last week, we headed right off to the fabric store.  We found this great red suiting that I thought was a perfect choice for her "vision".  I used this McCall's 6758, pattern and I loved the final result.

And here is the final product!

The lighting isn's great on these, but this is the best I could do as she was packing to leave and was not a willing participant.
Sew now that these are finised, I'm on to the next project; a dress as a birthday gift for a friend! 
Sew Forth & Sew On

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