Sunday, January 11, 2015

Corset Makes Sense!

Well, it's January of a new year and I should probably talk about my organized plan for destashing my stash, or doing something more useful with my time than fixating on the next sewing sequence.  But, that's not me so I will just start by talking about what I love doing more than anything else - sewing! And by sewing, that usually means something I don't have or something I want more of in my collection.  That brings me to this divine little number.  I saw this pattern, Butterick 6151. 

I thought this was simply lovely.  I have never owned a corset and I thought this was something I should have in my possession. (Because, I personally think every woman should own and wear a corset!)  I also thought this was an interesting take for Butterick.  They suggested using upholstery fabrics! Well, now, that was enough of a challenge for me. I found this photo of the corset paired with this most divine skirt and thought, oh how I would love to wear this combination someplace.  I don't have this skirt (yet), but don't put it past me!

So, I found this simply fabulous fabric and thought it would be perfect for my corset creation.  I did initially look at upholstery fabrics, and while I found a few, nothing really jumped out at me.  But, then one day, while minding my own business at JoAnn's, this delightful piece just called me.  It's either a bottomweight or a denim.  I'm not sure which, but it had some weight to it and a bit of stretch and I loved the pattern.  
This came together very easily.  There is boning in (most) of the seams.  I say that because I think the instructions told me to put boning in all the seams, but honestly, I didn't have enough and I was determined to get this done so I could wear it out this weekend.  That meant I needed it before the coupon hit (LOL).  So I decided that boning needed to be strategically placed! And so I did.  I think it works.  I will add a photo of me in it as soon as I can force my daughter to take one.  

I decided to line it with some gold cotton I had in my stash and I really like how well it came together.  I could have added carriers to it so I could do the belt thing, but I didn't really think I wanted that.  It felt a little too "Missy Kitty" and Gunsmoke to me with all that extra hardware.
I think it's a little vampish and sexy and while I will certainly wear it with a jacket of some sort (Its cold everywhere, including Tennessee), but it's like having a secret that everyone kinda knows but not totally.

And this is me and my favorite comedian this weekend.  As you can see, I paired this with my favorite leather blazer.  I really love this new addition to my weird collection of stuff!