Tuesday, January 6, 2015

What's on the table?

So after being beat up for several months by a person who will remain nameless (if you read over the other posts here it won't be a mystery for long!)

I'm starting off with the only resolution I have... Sew more!

I have to confess it's not like I haven't sewn at all... just haven't posted it!! But I also had a "valley moment" with my sewing. I went through a total lack of motivation for my craft :-( After a New Year moment... I'm back on the wagon!

For this year we will profile "What's on the table?" and I would love to hear the same from our readers!!

What's on your table?
What's in the "I'm cutting that out today" stack?

I'll post as we go along and see how it all turns out.

My first what's on the table project is this Simplicity 2413 (inspired by project RUNWAY) pattern I've had for so long and just hadn't found the right fabric to make it click for me... and then I went to "our store".

Any one who sews in Atlanta knows about Fine Fabrics in Duluth...at least I think that's Duluth :-) Well they are the Mood fabrics of the south and with some great prices to boot! I walked in and found this amazing selection of wax cloth at the store and had an inspirational moment. I instantly knew I had to have it!!
This was my pick! I love the purple and blue in it!
So that's my first What's on the table?... Can't wait to show you guys the final project!

What's on your table?!?!?

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