Saturday, March 26, 2016

Militarily Inspired Mayhem!

I'm still standing!! Whew! Its so funny how these things take on a life of their own.  Really talented women doing some amazingly creative things with patterns.  I'm so impressed with all of them.  I feel lucky to still be in the running.

Well, it's done and submitted!  WHEW!! This one was really a test.  McCalls 7330 was the second required submission in the Rippin Ain't Easy Sewing Challenge.

This pattern was a challenge for me in unexpected and expected ways.  First, I do love jumpsuits, but honestly structured ones aren't my favorites. My body (in its currently questionable state) isn't really designed for a structured pattern like this one.  But, since I didn't have access to my favorite model (my daughter) I had no choice but to make it for myself.  What was difficult about this one was that I knew my waist measurements were not where they should be based upon the pattern.  I tried to compensate for that in my cutting.  The problem was there was no real way to adjust the pieces until you put the pants to the bodice.  That's when I realized just how warped my mind is about my current size. At any rate, I spent the next three days trying to get the size right.  I rarely create something that I'm not thrilled with.  I was not thrilled with this one.  But I finished it in enough time to submit it for the contest.  I just hope enough folks will still vote for me to keep me in the contest.  The next two items are really cute and I would love to create my versions of them both. But, if not, my motivation to get back to what I love has been rekindled.  I made this dress Thursday morning before going to work, so I feel ok about it in the end.

McCall's 9175.

This was incredibly quick.  I woke at about 5:00. Started this at 6:00 and was in it and at work at 8:00! I got this fabric at Fine Fabrics in Atlanta and I knew I wanted a dress with cuffs from it. This was totally fun and I love the way the neckline came out.

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