Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Still on the Island - Round No. 2

And then there were eight!  So, my last post was about this contest and my earnest desire to make it, at least to the next round with my submission.  I reached out to my friends and family and urged them (actually I was begging but I think I was pretty cool with it!) to vote for me to keep me in the contest.  Well, here I am and as the title to this post suggests, I'M STILL STANDING!! So, if anyone has aimlessly wondered aroung the blogisphere and happened upon my isolated musings, I thank you for the vote.  While, I didn't win (and I'm not sure whether that was most votes or more likes for my version of the garment) I'm in for another round.

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So, the next round is afoot.  We have been given our instructions. And our assignment, 
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 I've found my fabric and now the clock is running!  I'm excited about this next challenge and once again, hope I actually finish this in time!  For me that means finding someone who can actually take photos that pass muster.  Ok, here we go

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