Friday, May 6, 2016

Africa is the New Black

Sew, I won the last challenge in the Pretty Girls Sew Challenge! And after basking in the glow of that, how-in-the-world-did-I-win revelry, it was time to get to work on the next challenge.  And a challenge it was. But at the start it seemed simple enough, make whatever you want (Great! Wrap Dress it will be!), as long as you use Ankara aka African Print fabric. Whelp, there goes that plan since Ankara is usually a waxed print cotton fabric. So, what do I do know!

So, a shopping I go.  First, I ordered this beautiful yellow and blue fabric online. I loved it.

 But, my self doubt kicked in and I thought I needed something more dramatic.  So, I found a local African products store.  There I purchased this beautiful blue and gold fabric.  I decided I would make this jacket and dress combo.  After almost finishing the jacket and only needing to throw together the sheath dress, I sent this photo to my daughter who also sews (and is supposed to be a contributor to this blog!) Her comment, "It's cute, but it looks like a karate jacket. Maybe it will look better when you put it on."I was distraught because when I stepped back, I kinda saw karate jacket too!



Well, that wouldn't do.  But this was the Wednesday before the Thursday deadline.  BUT I have never let the reality that there is not time left be a deterrent for me.  I pulled this fabric from the stash, used  Mccall's 7052 for this top.  I modified it a bit.  I altered the neckline, but otherwise kept it basically the same. I LOVED how it turned out and of course, just in the nick of time.
 While I didn't win that round, I didn't get kicked out either, so I will take that as a win!

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