Monday, May 9, 2016

Unconventional Indeed

Besides being so thrilled to have won, I'm so pleased because the competitors did a great job and I appreciate the support of friends and family in voting for me!  The other great thing about this one was the fact that, once again, there were so many last minute things going on.  Just getting the lace was an effort.  Selecting shoes (ok, so don't tell anyone, but I LOVE shoes and will use any excuse to buy a new pair), deciding at that last minute that I needed this "Gone with the Wind" overskirt.  But then there were so many things that were right - like the weather here.  This is the season of crappy weather, so for the past two challenges it was raining cats and dogs at the start of the day, but surprisingly cleared up just in time for me to snap photos.  So, again, I love basking in the joy of winning - for the entire hot minute that I have been able to do so.

Because now, it's on to the next challenge. An "Unconventional Challenge".  It seems that we can make whatever we want - as long as we do not use fabric to make it!  Ohhhhh great!!!

Welp, what can I say?  I can't quit.  It's not in my nature.  Friends have offered suggestions, and I have, what I hope will be a great idea. But we shall see.  Now where is that hot glue gun?  
But, oh, let's be clear, my life can NEVA be this simple.  

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