Monday, October 22, 2012


I'm so excited!  This is a mother/daughter blog created for the sole purpose of channeling our craziness!  I sew! I love to sew.  When I'm not sewing, I think about sewing.  I have been sewing since I was about 10 or 12 years old.  I wish someone had told me back then that you could make a living doing something you love.  I would have chosen a completely different path.  So now, I just do it for the love of it all. 
My darling daughter is the talented one.  I think that girl could create air if given the time!  I marvel at how easy things come for her. I would love to take credit for teaching her to sew.  I did buy her a pattern, sit down with her and teach her the basics many years ago.  But, she didn't seem that interested back then so I didn't push it.  Then, all of a sudden, she is like Rain Man with the creations and speed.  She is the crafty one too, so this should be LOTS of fun. We also have similar tastes so we shall see how this little adventure goes. We hope you find one or two things interesting here and lots of things to laugh about as we soldier on!


  1. Welcome, Peat and Repeat, to the RTW Fasters group!

  2. You're very lucky to have a daughter who shares your interest. My daughter is 19, 6'3" tall and SHOULD learn to sew but has no desire to try it. It's much easier asking mum to whip something up!! LOL

    With my RTW Fast, I am focusing on myself though so she'll have to wait (or join me!!) Ha ha!

    1. That's my youngest one's position. She only pretends to want to sew and then she knows I will probably make whatever it is she claims to want. That's how the plaid shirt came to be. She claimed she "needed" one because everyone on campus was wearing it. So, she knew I would take the challenge. LOL. But, I'm with you, the focus is on me at the moment and November is my birth month so I need to get it in gear.