Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Play on Plaid

So, as this blog indicates, I have a darling daughter who sews and is almost as obsessed as I am about this activity.  Well, I have another daughter who DOES NOT sew, but loves making requests. And I generally do her bidding!  To her defense, she is in college, but she probably wouldn't be sewing anyway.  Well, a couple weeks ago, we were all in Atlanta, visiting "Repeat", who found this wonderful little fabric supply store.  While there, the youngest daughter found this cute fabric and decided she wanted a shirt.  So, here is the final product.  I let her select the buttons and I was skeptical about them.  But I figured I would just change them when I made the shirt.  Surprisingly, I think they work well with the shirt.  We are going to visit her at school this weekend, so I will be taking this and another shirt (yet to be made) as a surprise for her.  The second shirt is the same pattern, but the fabric is a sheer black (we saw one in Target that she loved).
This was a really straight forward pattern.  I didn't make any changes, except I did put the buttonholes on the wrong side! :-)  This is the second time I have made this faux pas, although this time it was intentional.  While I did a great job (I think) matching the stripes on this shirt, the placket for the buttonhole side didn't match the way the button side did, soooo, switcheroo.  Let's see if my daughter notices it! I used McCall's 6649 for this.  The fabric was a cotton and it went together incredibly well.  I definitely plan to use this again because I am making a "Chiffon-like" version tonight to take with me Saturday!

I seam to always work on things for this one without the benefit of her body present!  For the life of me, I couldn't find the measurements that I had previously taken of her, so this was an "eyeballing" "kreation". It turned out pretty well, but I thought it was much longer than it turned out to be so I have to add another button at the bottom.  I did have the buttonhole there, but didn't think the button was needed.  I was wrong! She loved it, so that's a good thing.

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