Friday, February 22, 2013

A Basket Case

This post is completely unrelated to the thing I love to do and am doing with 90% of my free time.  but I once owned a gift basket business.  So, I thought it worth posting. I miss doing it full-time, so when I get the chance, I will toss my creative efforts here and there.  In this instance, a co-worker/friend is giving her mother a surprise birthday party this Saturday.  She asked me to create this gift basket for her.

And, as was my signature, back in the day, I made the bow as well! (I hate pre-made bows!)

And this was the "Memphis" basket. We love our music and bbq!
And I LOVE a baby basket.  This was done for a collegue's pending arrival. A Boy!

I now return you to your regularly scheduled obsession - Sewlful!

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