Sunday, February 24, 2013

J Hud/Super Bowl Inspiration

Hello Loves! I've had another "rainman" moment! 

As I was watching the Super Bowl this year I was sent a divine inspiration in the wardrobe choice of Ms. Jennifer Hudson. 

Now I must admit she's yells a bit much for my taste but I SUFFERED through the performance just to make sure that a CLEAR image of the dress she wore was etched in to my mind. I then, of course, got to work! I remembered that I had this wonderful LARGE remnant of a white poly cotton blend and a random piece of lightweight black stretch cotton. So I got to thinking.... hummm buttons.... I remembered I bought a set of buttons for Sewful and SINCE I happened to not have had a chance to give them to her yet,  then maybe I should use them and just buy her some more before I see her..... (I promise to bring a new set BL!!) LOL As far as design I knew I didn't want the weird faux leather top that J.Hud wore with her skirt and I'm FAR shorter than her so my skirt would be shorter. 

So I opted for V8633. I loved the sleeve option that was in the pattern and I figured I could bypass one of the darts on each front of the skirt and place my seams and buttons there. 

 I recently completed reading and trying out samples from my Couture Techniques book, so I was REALLY excited to give this piece that couture look.

PLUS Valentine's Day was quickly approaching and I wanted to wear something nice since the hubster to be and I were going to dinner and a concert. (LALAH HATHAWAY here in ATL AND OMG!! She sang her FACE OFF!! I was second row not only singing along and LOVING it, but wondering where she got that FIERCE skirt she was wearing... I digress) Anywho here's the finish! 

Happy Sewing!


  1. Where are you finding these patterns? You are making me want to dust off the sewing machine! LOL Very nice!

  2. Good job. I`m your financial advisor when you ready to take it to the next level. So proud of you. We need white DOI approved ball gowns.

  3. WHAT! Those are MY Buttons!! I knew something was amiss! Well, ok, I guess you get a pass since the outfit is so fly. Great job kiddo!

  4. I love this pattern. I've just watched all the Couture Dress classes on Craftsy - which I just loved. This pattern would be ideal to use those techniques. I love your finished dress as well - stunning.

  5. I love this outfit on you - it looks terrific! Great job reproducing your inspiration and making it your own!