Wednesday, February 20, 2013

LBD Challenge!

Well sewing loves!! I finally finished my LBD creation! I was 95% finished and only needed to hem the dress and it sat on my dress form for about 2 weeks. I have no idea why I do that.. 

Anywho... I am one of those sewing divas that while in my "sweatshop" I need some sort of noise to keep me rolling. Well this can be my neo-soul, my old school or my tv shows that I can't seem to keep up with. No matter what there is something blasting in the basement! My latest addiction is Mad Men! 

 I have to be honest I was never able to watch it consistently during the seasons, but watching them all at once is wonderful!! So NOW that I've caught up with the first three seasons I have a new life goal.... COSTUME DESIGNER!! LOL When I say this wardrobe GAVE ME LIFE!!!!!! SOOOOO First inspired outfit happened by accident. As usual ANY pattern sale I'm there and during Joann's recent sale I picked up this little number....

I found the fabric at my fav fabric store here and it's a beautiful silk dupioni that I got for an AMAZING PRICE! 

So this little number also is double duty because I joined a wonderful sewing group of divas on Facebook, SEWN UP-A Group for Sewists and Would-be Sewists and I have enjoyed EVERY moment of sharing with these talented sisters! We have a GREAT LBD challenge and I thought this would be PERFECT for this challenge. So whatcha think?? :-) 



  1. Beautiful! I need one in purple! Thanks Sis!

  2. I'm 'in that group and I love the dress! Imma have to be part of the next challenge.


  3. Fabulous dress! And you look gorgeous in it! Great Job!
    This is one of dresses on my (long) list - I have dark blue silk dupioni for it.

  4. Ummm, yeah - its ok....Kidding Kid- I LOVE it. And since you have started the Mad Men theme, let me jump in as well - LOL. Fantastic as ususal.

  5. I love it!And, I must start watching Mad Men.

  6. Fab-u-lous! What a great job!

    I got all 8 series of '24' for Christmas, so that is what I am currently sewing to!