Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ruffled & Girlie

So in the past two weeks, I have sewn two tops that have ruffles.  That's more ruffles than I have ever owned in my entire life!  If you knew anything about me, you would know that I dont do ruffles.  But, clearly these tops appealed to me.  I made this one yesterday and wore it today to see a play, The Mountaintop.  It's a playrights work on Dr. Martin Luther King's last night before his assassination in Memphis, TN.  It was a great play.
So this was McCall's 6467.  Honestly this fabric was something I think I found at Wal-Mart.  It must be a polyester blend and it has some silver threads running through it.  I probably bought it because it was cheap and I figured a simple top or muslin would be it's best use.  I decided I liked this pattern and this fabric was a pretty good option.  The only design change I made was that I initially put the short sleeves in and hated the way they looked when done.  I took them out and used double fold bias tape to finish the armholes.  It worked out perfectly!

I loved the high front, longer back of this top.

And here is the top I made last week that makes me two for two ruffled tops in my entire life!!

This is McCalls 5336.  I'm sure it's out of print.  I have had the pattern forever.  This fabric was at Hancock's and I thinks it a stretch polyknit something.  It was placced with the costume fabric.  I originally purchased it with the intent of making some jeggings.  I did and then wanted a top out of it.  I was a little short and actually went back to Hancock's and found another yard to complete this.  I love the top because it looks like leather.


  1. Two very pretty tops! We all need a frill or two at some stage!

  2. OOOO cute but yep we ARE getting a little excited with the FRILLS ma'am!! LOL

  3. I'm seeing ruffles everywhere right now. You are so "in". Cute tops!